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send me music that you like. any music. any genre. please?

in other news, I've been avoiding my flist recently, so if anyone posted anything that they desperately want me to read/comment to, please tell me.
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I just watched the video of Saddam's hanging.

It wasn't really that bad, except it was a video of someone's hanging and oh my god someone hold me.

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Setting: before Chinese class, minutes away from the test the world forgot (until now).

Josh: You know, if you believe that you don't have a test, then you won't have a test.
Everyone: ...
Natasha: Josh, I only wish that was true.
Everyone: *frantically studies*
reaper man terry pratchett

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Finally on winter break now. yay!

it's sort of odd that our midterms are after winter break sort of annoys me...


so I just heard this commercial on the radio with a song to the tune of  "Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games)" and I pretty much spazzed out because I actually recognized the tune.
and now I'm sort of surprised I don't have the song stuck in my head.

what else...

my friend tried to teach me to play lacross a while ago. didn't work.

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To all the people who replied to the last post:

Thank you. I love you.
See, in English we were discussing who killed Bob Ewell in groups. And the other three people were all, "no! Boo couldn't have killed Bob Ewell! He would have said something if he did! Besides, Heck Tate said it was an accident and he obviously knew what he was talking about, never mind everything else he said!" And I was all, " were not reading the same book I was reading." So I had to ask other people to make sure that I hadn't gone completely mad.
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amarulence bitterness

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come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots  come disconnect the dots with me poppet oh my god John I hate you so much. I can't get it out of my head! >.<

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